Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 265ml

Coco Zumi


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  • Here at Hello Wellness, coconut oil is not a trend, it's a staple!

    We use it for cooking, taking our make up off, moisturising and even in our homemade deodorant. Plus it makes a great conditioner for the ends of your hair.

    Coco Zumi Coconut Oil is Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Raw, Organic and Fair Trade. It is light and creamy in texture, plus mellow in taste.

    With so many different brands of coconut oil on the market, why do we stock Coco Zumi? Because the coconuts are sourced from a natural agroforestry environment, and the coconut oil is not bleached, refined or deodorised in any way.

  • 100% Organic Fair Trade Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

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