'Wellness' Gemstone Glass Water Bottle



  • 'Wellness' Gemstone Glass Water Bottle
  • 'Wellness' Gemstone Glass Water Bottle
  • 'Wellness' Gemstone Glass Water Bottle
  • 'Wellness' Gemstone Glass Water Bottle

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  • The tradition of vitalising water with gem stones can be traced back thousands of years but if you're new to it, a gem stone water bottle is the perfect place to start. VitaJuwel have found a way to make this ancient art easy to incorporate into a modern lifestyle, creating a beautiful way to avoid plastic water bottles.

    Proven to neutralise harmful substances, and raise the quality of tap water to that of spring water, the VitaJuwel 'Wellness' Gem Water Bottle contains a combination of rose quartz, amethyst and rock crystal.

    This basic, well-balanced composition was used for hundreds of years to inspirit water. Experts claim that amethyst stimulates and soothes the mind and emotions, while rose quartz fosters tranquillity. Most customers find gemwater made with this harmonic blend to taste smooth and mild, making it the ideal VitaJuwel blend for beginners.

    Size: 500ml.

  • The exchangeable gem pods on the bottom of the bottle can be easily unscrewed allowing you to change your gem stone compositions, and for easy cleaning.

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